Duby Rodgers Press Kit

Who is Duby Rodgers?

The Cult Classic/Zen Nomad

Duby Rodgers is an MC born in Cleveland, Ohio. With a deep love for hip hop culture and unconventional travel, Duby has allowed that passion to take him to heights never imagined. For 5 years, Duby was part of AyyeDeesMM or 80s Meets Modern, a collective built on the foundations of hip hop. The last 3 years he has lived in Hawaii, lost 70 lbs, done multiple road trips around the country, and released a solo album called, Dubymusic. Duby draws his inspiration from living an unconventional lifestyle, always challenging himself, and taking risks. It's the true path to growth. He is currently working on his 10 album anthology (Volumes 1-10) about the path we call Life. Volume One will be released in the fall of 2021.




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