Yes yes! It's your favorite emcee Duby Rodgers here, and it's that groovy time of year again. Every year I do a little something called Def December. This is a month long event where I like to share new music with the people who enjoy listening to what I have to say. This year I will be releasing 'D.A.F.T. Part 2 ' ,the sequel to last year's 'D.A.F.T.'. But this is a brand new year and I want to try something different. So instead of releasing the EP in its entirety I want to build a little suspense. What the hell, right? So this is what will happen. I will be releasing a new song starting December 2nd and every Thursday after that until the fifth and final song is released on December 31st. I can't wait to share some new music. Subscribe over at and be the first to receive 'D.A.F.T. Part 2' in its entirety on January 2nd.

Track 1: Midnight Bravado
Track 2: 30 In A 35(Crusin')
Track 3: Many Reasons
Track 4: Floetry